From rehearsals to closing night, our professionals can handle every financial detail of your tour. We will proactively interface with the artist’s management team and record company to cover every possible accounting need.

These tour accounting services include:

Tour Budgeting

We conduct detailed tour budgeting for accurate tracking and analysis of income and expenses.

Tax Preparation

We will plan for and take care of all state and foreign tax filings to mitigate or eliminate affiliated withholding taxes.

Recordation, Audit & Reconciliation

We take care of all recordation, audit and reconciliation of venue settlement reports, agency deposit schedules, corporate credit card accounts, and road float expense reports.

Analytical Accountings

We issue final analytical accountings designed to evaluate overall profitability, while also aimed to develop recommendations to improve future tour strategies.

Supervision & Communication

We provide daily supervision and communication with artist and road personnel as well as the management team and record company to proactively protect against complications.

Payroll Services

We organize all tour payroll services and associated payroll tax fillings.

Insurance Administration

We provide for all insurance matters to limit exposure to tour-related liability and to protect company assets (including Non-Appearance and Workers Compensation).