Michael Oppenheim

Partner – GSO Business Management

“I take great pride in the fact that for the last two decades, Bernie and I have been partners at GSO where we’ve created and watched our business grow from a small business management firm into one of the most elite firms in Los Angeles.”

After graduating from the State University of New York, with a B. A. in Accounting, Michael started his business career at the accounting firm of Prager and Fenton, where he quickly acquired specialized experience and knowledge regarding every aspect of the music business, working with many of the firm’s leading music clients. Through his vision and perseverance, Michael realized that the music business was a specialty which required expertise in various industries from risk management to royalty collection to tour accounting. In 1987, he relocated to Los Angeles as he felt this was where the heart of the music industry was and could expand his knowledge further.

Michael joined GSO Business Management as a Partner in 1993. He takes pride in the Company’s high staff retention and attributes it to trust. He believes this is a direct reflection of his management style; he is a bold and innovative thinker, and he understands the importance of building strong teams and long-lasting relationships. Michael provides broad coverage across all financial aspects of his clients’ lives including, but not limited to financial advisory services, touring, managing insurance and risk, overseeing royalty collection, tax preparation, and buying and selling property.

Recently, honored as one of the Top 25 Business Managers by Variety Magazine, his clientele includes some of the most influential and successful musicians, actors, writers, directors, and high net worth individuals in the world. He believes the strength of his business acumen stems from clear and open communication with his clients combined with his solid expertise in the music industry and in business management.

Michael and his family bring to the world of philanthropy the same energy and entrepreneurial spirit that ensured his success as one of the Top 25 Business Managers. His philanthropic efforts support clients’ charities as well as other organizations that are passionately impacting the lives of children and those less fortunate.